ATZ extra article: Visualising the micromovement of brake pistons using neutron imaging

As part of a joint development project between Audi Sport, the Paul Scherrer Institute and ANAXAM, a tailor-made test bench for dynamic neutron radiography was realised. In close cooperation with Audi Sport, the test bench was designed and subsequently constructed, manufactured and commissioned by ANAXAM. The test bench is designed in such a way that relevant parameters can be dynamically adjusted during the test. This means that real driving conditions can be simulated well on the test bench. The measurements were then carried out at the NEUTRA beamline of the SINQ spallation neutron source at PSI.

The aim of the joint project was to visualise the micromovements of brake pistons non-destructively and to analyse them in more detail.
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Investigation of micromovements on brake components for neutron imaging

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