Sample preparation and pre- /post- characterization

Sample preparation and pre-/post- characterization – supporting our analytical services

For some of our analytical services, samples need to be specially prepared. We provide different kinds of sample preparation, including cutting, polishing, annealing, etc.

We also offer pre-/post-characterization with various microscope types at the Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI) , to support and supplement our analytical services using Neutron and Synchrotron radiation.

Selection of equipment available for sample preparation and pre-/post-characterization:


Variety of cutting machines

  • Electrical discharge machining
  • Circular saw blade cutting
  • Wire cutting

Variety of polishing equipment

  • Mechanical polishing up to OPS suspension
  • VibroMet
  • Electropolishing for SEM and TEM samples
  • Ion milling

Electron Microscopes

  • SEM with different detectors (SE, in-lens, BSE and EDAX) for examining different surfaces and structures as well as elemental analysis
  • FIB for deposition and ablation of a specific region of interest of the sample
  • Environmental SEM for wet and uncoated non-conducting samples
  • TEM for investigating structures of samples with high resolution

Atomic Force Microscopes

  • Contact and non-contact modes
  • Tapping and lift modes
  • Phase imaging
  • Lateral force microscopy

Light and Scanning Laser Microscopes

  • Various light microscopes
  • 3D scanning laser microscopes for obtaining 3D surface profiles

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