Tailor-made Infrastructure

Tailor-made infrastructure – reproducing customer reality for the analytical services

Your benefits with tailor-made infrastructure

Dedicated equipment is essential to guarantee the best possible experimental conditions when performing customized experiments. Tailor-made infrastructure could include, for example, devices that allow the investigation of samples in-situ and in-operando under various environmental conditions.


In addition to the ability to vary measurement conditions, infrastructure in the form of automated sample manipulators is important in order to provide a higher sample throughput, leading to more efficient use of available beam time, and standardization of results. An overview of the possibilities for tailor-made infrastructure can be found below.

We are looking forward to supporting your analytical inquiries with our tailor-made infrastructure.


Possibilities for your tailor-made infrastructure

Stress | Compression | Torsion | Pressure
Gas atmosphere | Temperature | Humidity | Pressure
Electrical & magnetic
Magnetic fields | Electrical fields
During manufacturing
In-situ | In-operando
High throughput | Sample manipulation | Reproducibility

Creation process of the infrastructure

Our engineering and technical know-how enables us to create a tailor-made infrastructure to implement the customer reality for our analytical services. The entire infrastructure is fully integrated into the analytical measurement facilities for performing imaging, diffraction & scattering and spectroscopy experiments.



  • Needs analysis of the customer
  • Feasibility evaluation
  • Concept development
  • Finalization with customer


  • Creation of CAD models
  • Creation of production drawings
  • Creation of electronic diagrams
  • Software planning


  • Manufacturing of the single part
  • Assembly
  • Programming of the control software
  • Commissioning in the laboratory

In operation

  • Transfer an die Beamlines
  • Hardwareintegration in der Strahllinie
  • Softwareintegration in der Strahllinie
  • Durchführung der Experimente

Selection of tailor-made infrastructure

Our engineering and technical know-how allows us to create tailor-made infrastructure to reproduce customers’ reality for our analytical services. All infrastructure is fully integrated into analytical facilities for the performance of imaging, diffraction & scattering and spectroscopy experiments. The pool of infrastructure is continuously growing. Our existing infrastructure is very flexible, and can be modified according to customer needs.

Offline climate & vacuum chamber for conditioning prefilled syringes
  • Preconditioning of prefilled syringes for neutron and synchrotron analytics
  • Temperature operating range from -60°C to + 80°C
  • Temperature control accuracy of 0.5°C
  • Freely programmable temperature curves / temperature cycles
  • Vacuum operating range from ambient pressure down to 1 mbar
  • Vacuum control accuracy of 1 mbar
  • Freely programmable vacuum curves / vacuum cycles
Tailor-made infrastructure for the labelling of sample containers
  • Container handling as bulk goods
  • Number of containers > 100,000 units per year
  • Automatic container feeding and orientation to the printer
  • Container labelling by ink-jet process
  • Printing frequency of > 30 containers per minute
  • 100% quality control after printing

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