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Completed customer project with ACTEGA: Investigation of polymeric sealants in aluminum cans using high-resolution Synchrotron CT

ACTEGA Artística is a leading supplier of water-based sealants for the end-making industry. Its water-based sealants for food, beverage and general-line metal packaging, together with its innovative technical solutions and advanced technical support, improve lining processes, enhance quality, add value and help to reduce cost.

Usual tests to examine the seam are destructive (as cross-cut section or seam disassemble) and do not provide any indication about sealant placement inside the seam.
Park Innovaare

We have moved

In January, we moved from DeliveryLab to the new Park Innovaare. Here you can now find us in building A1 on the 6th floor. Our address and telephone numbers have changed as a result of the move. In addition to more office space, we now also have our workshop under one roof.

Publication: Unraveling Pre-filled Syringe Needle Clogging using Neutron & Synchrotron Imaging together with our customer Merck

ANAXAMs analytics with Neutrons and Synchrotron X-rays help to understand the clogging phenomena in pre-filled syringes. The study aimed to investigate the movement of liquid in the needle region of staked-in-needle pre-filled syringes using neutron radiography and synchrotron X-ray tomography. The investigation has been done in collaboration with our customer Merck & Co., Inc.

Visit from the company CSL Vifor

Last week, Mr Reinlado Digigow, Mr Beat Flühmann, Mr Michael Burgert, Mr Leonard Krupnik and Mr Hans-Martin Müller from CSL Vifor visited us. After a presentation of ANAXAM and an initial technical exchange on the possibilities of collaboration, we went on a tour of the large-scale research facilities at PSI. This was followed by a lively exchange on joint project opportunities in the field of various analytical technologies. We look forward to working together in the future.

Completed customer project with MPS Watch: Real-time investigation of the lock/un-lock behavior in bearings using in-operando high-resolution Synchrotron imaging

MPS Watch, a division of MPS Group, is the specialist for ball bearing in the watch industry. The company is the premier partner for tailored ball bearing solutions in any kind of application, empowering the realization of the most ambitious mechanisms designs.

In a continuous effort of performance improvement of the quality and functionality of its products, MPS deep-dives into their bearings thanks to in-operando high-resolution Synchrotron imaging. The real time observation of the functioning OneWay bearing was a step-up in the analysis of this complex mechanism.
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Video: Tailor-made infrastructure for real-time investigation of the freezing behavior of water droplets using Synchrotron-CT

As part of a customer project to investigate the freezing behaviour of water droplets using Synchrotron-CT, a tailor-made cryochamber with drop generator was developed.
Advanced Analytical Methods for Formulation Development

ANAXAM will give a talk at the "Advanced Analytical Methods for Formulation Development" workshop

Our imaging expert Valdimir Novak will give a talk entitled “The Power of Synchrotron X-ray & Neutron Imaging for Pharmaceutical Applications” at the workshop for “Advanced Analytical Methods for Formulation Development“, which will be held 04.06. - 05.06.2024 in Darmstadt, Germany.

ANAXAM wishes you a Merry Christmas and a good start into 2024

ANAXAM wishes its sponsors, supporters, members, customers and employees a Merry Christmas and a good start into 2024.
Hitachi Energy Besuch

Joint development project with Hitachi Energy: Binder burnout of varistors analysed live for the first time using Neutron-CT

After a long period of preparation, the time had finally come today. Together with Michael Hagemeister and Aliki Moysiadou from Hitachi Energy, we were able to investigate the in-situ binder burnout of varistors using Neutron-CT for the first time.