Tailor-made Infrastructure

Tailor-made infrastructure – reproducing customer reality for the analytical services

Your benefits with tailor-made infrastructure

Dedicated equipment is essential to guarantee the best possible experimental conditions when performing customized experiments. Tailor-made infrastructure could include, for example, devices that allow the investigation of samples in-situ and in-operando under various environmental conditions.


In addition to the ability to vary measurement conditions, infrastructure in the form of automated sample manipulators is important in order to provide a higher sample throughput, leading to more efficient use of available beam time, and standardization of results. An overview of the possibilities for tailor-made infrastructure can be found below.

We are looking forward to supporting your analytical inquiries with our tailor-made infrastructure.


Possibilities for your tailor-made infrastructure

Stress | Compression | Torsion | Pressure
Gas atmosphere | Temperature | Humidity | Pressure
Electrical & magnetic
Magnetic fields | Electrical fields
During manufacturing
In-situ | In-operando
High throughput | Sample manipulation | Reproducibility

Creation process of the infrastructure

Our engineering and technical know-how enables us to create a tailor-made infrastructure to implement the customer reality for our analytical services. The entire infrastructure is fully integrated into the analytical measurement facilities for performing imaging, diffraction & scattering and spectroscopy experiments.



  • Needs analysis of the customer
  • Feasibility evaluation
  • Concept development
  • Finalization with customer


  • Creation of CAD models
  • Creation of production drawings
  • Creation of electronic diagrams
  • Software planning


  • Manufacturing of the single part
  • Assembly
  • Programming of the control software
  • Commissioning in the laboratory

In operation

  • Transfer an die Beamlines
  • Hardwareintegration in der Strahllinie
  • Softwareintegration in der Strahllinie
  • Durchführung der Experimente

Selection of tailor-made infrastructure

Our engineering and technical know-how allows us to create tailor-made infrastructure to reproduce customers’ reality for our analytical services. All infrastructure is fully integrated into analytical facilities for the performance of imaging, diffraction & scattering and spectroscopy experiments. The pool of infrastructure is continuously growing. Our existing infrastructure is very flexible, and can be modified according to customer needs.

Customized climatic chamber for conditioning prefabricated syringes for neutron imaging
Klimakammer für in-situ-Experimente
  • Use of a customized aluminum climatic chamber, manufactured using the 3D printing process.
  • Use of a cooler with a temperature operating range from -20°C to + 80°C.
Sample exchanger for high-throughput experiments
Probenwechsler für Experimente mit hohem Durchsatz
  • Sample quantity in the range of 100,000 pc
  • Automatic identification of probes during measurement
Hydraulic pressure unit for in-situ experiments
Hydraulische Druckeinheit für in-situ-Experimente
  • Pressure up to 100 bar
  • Stepless variable pressure control
  • Repeat and loop mode control
Sample manipulation for in-situ experiments
Probenmanipulation für in-situ-Experimente
  • High speeds (max. 130 mm/s)
  • High position accuracy (0.05 mm)
  • Integrated overrunning clutch which compensates for motor ramp-up and allows constant speeds

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