Publication: Unraveling Pre-filled Syringe Needle Clogging using Neutron & Synchrotron Imaging together with our customer Merck

ANAXAMs analytics with Neutrons and Synchrotron X-rays help to understand the clogging phenomena in pre-filled syringes. The study aimed to investigate the movement of liquid in the needle region of staked-in-needle pre-filled syringes using neutron radiography and synchrotron X-ray tomography. The investigation has been done in collaboration with our customer Merck & Co., Inc.

Neutron radiography revealed liquid presence in the needle region for as-received samples and after temperature and pressure cycling. Pressure cycling had a more pronounced effect on liquid formation. Synchrotron X-ray tomography confirmed the presence of liquid and revealed various morphologies, including droplets of different sizes, liquid segments blocking sections of the needle, and a thin layer covering the needle wall. Liquid presence was also observed between the steel needle and the glass barrel.

This research contributes to addressing the issue of needle clogging and can guide the development of strategies to improve pre-filled syringe performance.

Unraveling Pre-filled Syringe Needle Clogging: Exploring a Fresh Outlook Through Innovative Techniques | Pharmaceutical Research

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