Successful completion with the service project with Springfix

Investigations of the micro-structure of Nickel Silver with the help Synchrotron CT and scanning electron microscopy

The name Springfix stands for modern forming technology and metal-cutting further processing in medium and large series production. We supply automotive suppliers, building equipment manufacturers and the electrical industry worldwide.

Considerable production problems of key blanks, which were assigned to the material nickel silver, occupied us for a long time. Due to the complex material problems, it was clear to us that we needed a cooperation with practical analytic service provider who also had a profound knowledge in the field of material science. 


The applied material analytics of ANAXAM using Synchrotron CT in combination with scanning electron microscopy was applied to investigate the micro and nanostructure of the raw material the key blanks are made of. The hereby gained information helped springFix on the one hand to optimize their product and on the other hand to develop a procedure for the quality control of the raw material used for the key production.

The well-founded analyses with the new findings help us to make further decisions.
We are enthusiastic about the cooperative and professional support provided by ANAXAM. Many thanks to Dr. Christian Grünzweig and his team.” 

Thomas Zimmermann, Leiter Technik, Springfix AG


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